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Themes covered by the 2nd Call


Theme 1: Agro-ecology and other sustainable farming practices

Pre-proposals under this theme should be able to contribute to food security and the conservation of resources through low-cost farming technologies focusing on labor practices that respect soil quality, increase the incorporation of organic matter and enable good carbon uptake. Proposals for scaling-up agro-ecological Innovations developed by farmers and local communities that address these concerns can also be submitted.

Theme 2: Linking farmers to market and support to
small and medium agro- enterprises (agri SMEs)

This theme extends the framework of agricultural research by taking into account the growing effects of liberalization and the important changes occurring in agriculture and their consequences for rural areas. Pre-proposals that address post-harvest improvement and agricultural value-addition to increase over-all farm economic productivity and rural farm income while taking into account natural resource conservation can be submitted under this theme.

Last update: 02/16/06

DURAS is a GFAR-Agropolis International project supported
by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Priority Solidarity Fund (PSF).
It aims to contribute to strengthening the involvement and enhancing the scientific potential
of southern stakeholders in agricultural research for sustainable development (ARSD).
This three-year project covers 49 countries from Africa, Near East and some parts of Asia
that are listed in France’s Priority Solidarity Zone (PSZ).

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