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Response to 1st Call for Proposals

  Results of the DURAS First Call for Proposals

Twelve (12) pre-proposals, six per thematic area, out of 129 submissions received were selected by the DURAS Selection and Scientific Partnership Committee (CSSP) to advance to full proposal development following its meeting held last 14 December 2005 in Montpellier, France.

A Euro 5,000 grant was awarded to each of the 12 selected pre-proposals in order to support the preparation of full proposals which are due by the end of March 2005. The final selection will be made on the basis of these full proposals in May by the CSSP and DURAS Project’s Steering Committee chaired by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Project implementation is expected to start in June 2005.

Below are the short-listed pre-proposals.

Theme 1: Agrobiodiversity and genetic resources
management for food security

1. Amélioration variétale assistée par marqueurs moléculaires et sélection variétale participative pour les rizicultures pluviales des zones d’altitude confrontées à l’insécurité alimentaire (Centre National de Recherche Appliquée au Développement Rural-Madagascar)

2. Caractérisation morphologique, zootechnique et génétique des populations locales de volailles de genre Gallus gallus dans les pays côtiers de l’Afrique occidentale (Université d’Abomey-Calavi – Bénin)

3. Participatory Enhancement of Agro-Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Management to improve Food Productivity in Kenya and Uganda (Biotechnology Trust Africa-Kenya)

4. Promoting the use of cooking banana diversity for enhanced food security, nutrition and incomes in urban centres and peri-urban zones of West and Central Africa (Crops Research Institute-Ghana)

5. Sélection et diffusion de variétés performantes de plantes vivrières à racines et tubercules en Afrique de l'Ouest (Centre National de Recherche Agronomique - Côte d’Ivoire)

6. Un réseau régional de plateformes d’échanges pour améliorer l'identification des besoins des agriculteurs et la diffusion de nouvelles variétés de bananier plantain (Centre Africain de Recherche sur Bananiers et Plantains -Cameroon)

Theme 2: Local knowledge
in natural resources management

1. Farmer Access to Innovation Resources. Action Research on Innovation Support Fund (Farmer Support Group-South Africa)

2. Innovations et savoirs paysans dans les pratiques de gestion des écosystèmes forestiers humides d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre : diversification des systèmes d’exploitation associant cultures pérennes et vivrières (Institut de Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement- Cameroun)

3. Scaling up methodologies and technologies for the implementation of multiple use water services in South Africa and Zimbabwe (Association for Water and Rural Development -South Africa)

4. Sustainable Use of Wetlands (Vleis) to Combat Droughts and Poverty of Smallholder Farmers through Increased Food Production in Sub-Saharan Africa – Case Study of Zimbabwe and Mozambique (University of Zimbabwe)

5. The implication of the local knowledge in the increasing integration of animal husbandry in the farming systems of disadvantaged communities (National Institute for Soils and Fertilizers- Vietnam)

6. Valoriser les savoirs paysans sur l'intégration agriculture élevage pour une gestion durable des écosystèmes des savanes subhumides de l'Afrique (CIRDES)

Last update: 02/16/06

DURAS is a GFAR-Agropolis International project supported
by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Priority Solidarity Fund (PSF).
It aims to contribute to strengthening the involvement and enhancing the scientific potential
of southern stakeholders in agricultural research for sustainable development (ARSD).
This three-year project covers 49 countries from Africa, Near East and some parts of Asia
that are listed in France’s Priority Solidarity Zone (PSZ).

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